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Well, once again it is time to unfurl our banners and bang out those few last dents from armor long neglected. The call has been put out and MechWarrior Online will soon allow us to compete at the highest levels once again.

 Recruitment has started and one of MechWarrior's oldest mercenary units will once again roam the fields of battle. We have always been a strong, focused and active unit and we are bringing back some of our old members, and looking for new recruits. If you like a formalized unit that trains, helps members figure things out, and has a strong sense of brotherhood, then this just might be the unit for you.

The Arctic Knight Alliance, has been competlng with other units since 1995, starting with MechWarrior 2. This continued through both Mech 3 and Heavy Gear, then culminated in MechWarrior 4 where we participated in the TWL - Team Warfare League, MWL - MechWarrior League, the now defunct NBT4 - NetBattleTech 4, and the defunct SLA MechWarrior League. We're serious about having fun but we're just as serious about winning. This means we look for committed members who are ready to get down and train hard, and win consistently.

One thing to remember about online gaming that we like to remind our members is that while we are serious, RL still takes place. This means that while you might want to game, you need to handle your responsibilities first, then come fully focused and ready to play and have fun. This does not mean that it's all fun and games, sometimes its work to better yourself and your skills. If you read all this and feel like the AKA is the place you want to call home, then Drop us a line and let us know. We will get back to you asap

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